Stairway to Deafen

Geocaching is a 24 hour activity, so anytime is a good time to go caching. Such was the case on my early morning drive to work this morning, stopping to pick up a handy micro-cache near one of the roadways on my route to work.

I’d actually been meaning for a while to have a go at this cache – it was just a case of waiting for a rare time where I was running a little early for work and had 5 or so minutes to spare.

The Stairway to Deafen (GCX5RE) micro geocache by zebrafive is in located in the backstreets of Sydney’s Darling Harbour precinct. I’d already used my iPhone and Google street view to “case” the general area in my spare time at work in recent days, so it was now time to put my research into action.

They all climbed the Stairway to Deafen

They all climbed the Stairway to Deafen

Turned out this was a very quick park and grab. The cache hint gave me a very good idea of where to sit and feel, and I’d located it in under 30 seconds.

Signed the log, and quickly returned to the car, and yes… I just made it to work on time.¬†Thanks zebrafive for another good one in a sneaky spot!

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