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Electric Harmony

My work as a train driver is unique, in that it often gives me some spare downtime to go geocaching. Being based in central Sydney, I’m pretty much always guaranteed there will be some caches within walking distance.

Today I made my way over to Electric Harmony (GCZE72) and found this urban micro by Us Mob reasonably quickly. The key to these I guess is timing – early Sunday morning is a great time to go to those usually busy places to pick up cache and avoid the muggles.


TeamWolfie strikes again in inner Sydney

TeamWolfie strikes again in inner Sydney

Thanks for the cache. I quite enjoy the challenge of these urban micros.

Station Creek Rest Area

TeamWolfie pushed our geocaching geographical boundaries northward today whilst on a visit to see my dad for his birthday. After lunching at Tea Gardens we headed back and I thought I’d show my dad and his wife what geocaching is about on a visit to the Station Creek Rest Area (GC128GX), a cache by outdoorbloke, located on the Pacific Highway near the Tea Gardens Road turnoff.

It all went as planned, being a nice easy find. There were a few muggles around a the rest area but they were too busy worrying about their toilet stop to be too concerned with us trampling through the shrubs on the side of the road. The cache was sited relatively quickly – and I had to explain to our friends that geocaching is rarely this straightforward.


Wolfie with the cache container

Wolfie with the cache container

The container had a few small swaps inside – we swapped a red gem for a “fuzzy purple creature” (honestly, I don’t know what else to call it), signed the log book, and replaced the cache in it’s little hiding place.

Thanks to outdoorbloke for a nice straightforward find and a great way to introduce my dad to what geocaching is all about.



Cathargo Caught

With 72 cache finds under our belt, TeamWolfie has decided it’s probably time we should give a little back to the geocaching community and make a few more hides of our own. We figured we’d try a sneaky micro in a location fairly close to home.

Cathargo Caught (GC1KR2B) is located just outside one of Gosford’s original apartment unit complexes – nestled in the foothills of Rumbalara Reserve. The name will make a lot more sense to all those who visit this cache location.

A word of advice if you intend to go on the hunt for this cache: there is no need to enter the private property. The property boundary is marked by a white surveyor’s peg on the “letterbox” side of the driveway (near palm tree). If you extend an imaginary line perpendicular across the driveway from that wooden peg, this is the property boundary – and there is no need to cross this line. If you pass the letterboxes, you have gone too far.

Parking is strictly not permitted on the private property.

This is a rather sneaky micro, made more-so difficult by an intermittent stream of resident muggles coming and going. Take care when searching, and beware of spiders.

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